Additional Resources

ASTSWMO is only one group of regulatory organizations facing management challenges posed by PFAS. Our partner organizations and a brief description of their regulatory or research roles are presented below.

Associations and Non-Profits

ECOS is a professional group composed of the leaders of Environmental Regulatory Agencies from each State. The ECOS PFAS website is a clearing house for information on the latest regulatory efforts from across the country.
ACWA is a national organization of domestic wastewater treatment system managers, who have concerns about PFAS contaminants at various stages in the wastewater treatment train.
ITRC is effectively the technical support branch of ECOS. They are one of the best resources available for cutting edge developments in PFAS and most other aspects of environmental assessment and cleanup.
The APHL is a group of public health laboratories that represents organizations who analyze PFAS in environmental media, especially drinking water.
ASTHO represents State and Territorial Health departments, who are involved in risk assessment and communication of the potential health effects of PFAS.
ASDWA is a national organization of drinking water supply system managers. ASDWA has a primary interest limiting concentrations of PFAS.
The National Conference of State Legislatures has a webpage that describes the implication of PFAS regulation for State governments.